"I have used Taranaki Outdoor Adventures to help host a number of international visitors to the region....it is always my aim to sell the region's lifestyle and beauty.This is where Taranaki Outdoor Adventures have added exceptional value to my visitors stay. They leave with an unforgettable memory of Taranaki."

Zara Broker, Project Manager, Venture Taranaki.



One of the first things you will see when you come to New Plymouth is the very large rock that sticks out next to the very tall chimney. The chimney is reserve power station and the rock is called Paritutu Rock, within the Paritutu Reserve. There are amazing views from this reserve of the coastline heading south as well as the Sugar Loaf Islands.

This is a beautiful area and great for walks, picnics, time out, surfing, fishing and exploring the beach.

A view of Back Beach and Paritutu Beach from the top of Paritutu Rock. Back Beach is another great surf spot with many breaks for all levels of abilities.

Something for the kids is the sand dune on the southern side of Paritutu Rock, the kids will love sliding down on cardboard boxes. Paritutu Beach is also the start or finish of the Traverse adventure.


Paritutu Rock - the entrance and start of the track is on the Northern side and it takes about 15 minutes to climb.The track is a hard walk/scramble to the top but the views are spectacular and well worth the effort. You can see all of the New Plymouth coastline, city, port, and the Sugar Loaf Islands.

New Plymouth wharf with the chimney from the power station and one of the islands (Motoroa Island) of the marine reserve in the back ground.




Authors personal comments:

Back beach also has a lot of significance to the Moari of Taranaki, it is a place of healing and blessing, known for its healing energies. I have to admit that it does feel great being within this area, I love it, the kids really enjoy running about here and the views are stunning.

A definite must if you want to experience New Plymouth.

The fishing is meant to be great as well on the northern side of the Rock.


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